Remote or on-site, we're always in the right place for you.

Balanced Payroll and Bookkeeping are able to provide a comprehensive payroll service, including auto enrollment and pension scheme administration :

  • HMRC legislation compliance

  • Fully scalable with your business

  • Payroll analysis for financial and management accounting

  • RTI (Real Time Information) submissions to HMRC

  • Point of contact to help clients deal with HR payroll issues

  • Contact and liasion with HMRC

  • Pension set-up

  • Childcare vouchers

  • On-site staff software training.


In addition, we also provide day to day bookkeeping :

  • One offs, maternity cover, weekly, monthly or annually 

  • Completion of VAT returns and submission to HMRC

  • Day to day bookkeeping

  • Management accounts

  • Monthly Profit & Loss reports

  • Debtor & creditor reports

  • Debtor chasing.

We aim to make life easier for our clients. The minefield of payroll can be daunting for some and the confidence of knowing that you are 100% compliant and legal is very reassuring.

As your business grows, or you become busier (they're not always the same thing) the demands of HMRC increase. Additions and deductions such as pension contributions and childcare vouchers all have to be considered...and it isn't getting any easier. Each year, new legislation, responsibilities (and deadlines) come in and someone has to know about it. Recent changes including RTI and Auto Enrolment means extra responsibilities for employers.


Outsourcing your payroll is the right business decision for so many companies, which is why we offer it as a dedicated service. We make it our business to know more than you about PAYE...and SSP, SMP, SPP and SAP. You can manage your own accounts and we can provide you with the payroll and accounts information you require. 


We provide an accurate and confidential service which allows work to happen remotely or on-site, in your office, providing your business with an accurate, punctual service.

We hope you are interested in what we have to offer. We would love the opportunity to visit your business, to discuss how Balanced Payroll and Bookkeeping can help you.